Dr. Brynne Terry, OTD, OTR/L, CEAS

Dr. Brynne Terry is a lifestyle + wellbeing coach, serving young adult women all over the United States. She is a licensed occupational therapist and certified ergonomic assessment specialist, and often draws upon these backgrounds in her work. She has extensive experience helping adults of all ages establish health-promoting lifestyle routines through education on and implementation of stress management, time management, prioritization and organization, and sleep hygiene strategies. Dr. Terry is skilled in meeting clients where they are at in their wellbeing journey and aims to empower all of her clients to rise + thrive, creating their meaningful and fulfilling life through a personalized and purpose-driven lifestyle plan.

Background + Certifications

Dr. Terry grew up in Alamo, California, where she balanced traveling year-round on an elite soccer team while excelling in academics. She pursued her undergraduate degree in Human Performance at the University of Southern California (USC), and soon went on to complete her Master's of Occupational Therapy (OT) at USC, where she focused on Lifestyle Redesign®, a preventative lifestyle-based OT approach founded at USC. She completed a clinical rotation at the USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice, home of Lifestyle Redesign®, where she was trained on lifestyle interventions helping clients of all ages manage chronic conditions such as migraine, pain, epilepsy, and diabetes. Here she saw the need for early intervention and preventative services, and ultimately found her passion working with young professionals and high school, college and graduate students. She found her ikigai, helping them adapt to new routines and responsibilities associated with these life transitions, while also helping them to discover and successfully integrate health-promoting and sustainable habits for lifelong success.​ Brynne went on to pursue her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy at Boston University, where her focus was on college student wellbeing, designing an innovative stress management mobile application for the college student population.


Brynne frequently contributes to online media outlets, such  as Thrive Global, and has been featured as a guest on multiple health and wellness podcasts.


Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Boston University


Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

The Back School

The Science of Well-Being Course

Yale University


MA, Occupational Therapy

BA, Human Performance

University of Southern California


Trained in Lifestyle Redesign® + Motivational Interviewing

University of Southern California


The Chopra Well-Being Method Pilot Course

Chopra Education


National Board Certified Occupational Therapist

Registered by the NBCOT

Licensed by CBOT


Prevent T2 Lifestyle Coach Certified

National Diabetes Prevention Program


Through a lifestyle-based occupational lens, I seek to empower young, driven women to optimize their life.

With customized and holistic lifestyle approaches and accessible tools, my clients will take control of their wellbeing and discover their reason for rising, living their best life without letting stress or burnout get in the way.


I envision a community where wellbeing and self care are at the forefront of lifestyle; where young women are empowered with the knowledge and resources to adopt healthy habits and routines that fulfill their holistic wants and needs; where young women everywhere are living healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives, full of intention + purpose.


Everything I post on be well by brynne and affiliated social media accounts is what I believe to be helpful and true based on my educational background, evidence-based research, and personal experiences. Please note that all opinions expressed are my own and are not reflections of my employers or academic institutions. The information provided is under no circumstances considered occupational therapy services, or intended to be taken as medical advice. Please consult with a doctor or appropriate medical provider prior to initiating any health program.


In staying genuine and authentic to my audience, I will never endorse a product, brand, or idea that I do not use or support myself. Know that the content I share has helped my personal journey to wellbeing, and that I am committed to providing this community with access to holistic health and wellness perspectives and resources across all aspects of life. Information and resources are designed to support and empower you to make positive choices towards wellbeing and support your engagement in meaningful occupations.

My experiences have inspired the creation of this website, but what has ultimately driven my passion behind the website is my own personal journey to wellbeing -- one that is ongoing and far from perfect. It has taken years of struggling, not knowing how to effectively manage all aspects of my wellbeing, and reaching my breaking point to ultimately find my personal sense of balance. While I am human, and still live through ups and downs along the way, I have experienced tremendous personal growth by integrating consistent practices that support my mind + body + soul. I hope to inspire you to do the same.