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Something is Always Better than Nothing

I have always typically been an ‘all or nothing’ person. When I wanted to lose weight, I exercised like crazy and heavily restricted my eating. When it came to stress and anxiety, I thought I needed to implement every single strategy out there, morning and night. ⁣It didn't take long for me to end up right back where I started.

If you’ve been there and done that, you know how unsustainable the 'all or nothing' mindset is in the long run. Change is already difficult enough, so when you have an ‘all or nothing’ perspective, it becomes even more overwhelming and adds excess personal pressure. Instead of motivating you, it makes you dread your new efforts. It’s the opposite of fun or enjoyable. ⁣

When I realized my ways weren’t working, I adopted a new mindset. ⁣

Something is Always Better than Nothing⁣

This is the mindset that brings real and sustainable results. It’s my personal mindset and the one I encourage others to use for lifestyle transformation and personal growth.

It means that every effort doesn’t have to be at 100%.

You can have your ‘cheat’ and rest days without guilt because you now know that they are actually necessary.

You begin to realize that slow and steady wins the race, and small changes lead to big results over time.

You learn to become very patient in the process -- and even come to enjoy it.⁣

If you find yourself trying to make a change, try shifting the mindset to this one and notice what follows. ⁣