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Updated: May 11, 2020

It's the season of giving (aka the best time of the year), so here's a list of a few of my favorite + affordable wellness goodies that are perfect for gifting others -- or yourself -- this holiday season...and all year round!

Give the Gift of a Relaxing Sleep Routine

Most of us now know that sleep is crucial to our health and wellbeing, so what better way to show your appreciation of others with a gift that will help them wind down into a great night's rest?

Count Blessings in a Gratitude Journal

One of my favorite ways to wind down before bedtime is reflecting on the day and the things I am grateful for. Whether I do a full journal entry or a simple list of 3-5 highlights of my day, it always puts my mind at ease for an anxiety-free, restful sleep. There are structured gratitude journals that provide guidance or blank notebooks (my favorite is this Maruman one), which give you the option of

writing freely, however you please.

Melt Away Stress with an Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a warm bath before bed ultimately helps to drop your body's temperature, which is optimal for sleep. Make a bath extra relaxing with epsom salts, which contain magnesium, a mineral that may help to increase melatonin production (a hormone that promotes sleep) and soothe sore muscles. It's a perfect low-cost, high-effect gift for those in your life who could use a little extra R+R. Try this one from Ulta Beauty -- you can even put it in a jar for an added touch of cuteness.

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Calm the Senses with an Oil Diffuser You've probably heard that essential oils are all. the. rage. While different essential oils promote different aspects of wellbeing, oil diffusers (like this one from Saje Wellness) humidify the air, release negative ions, and emit wonderfully refreshing scents to help you relax. Blends containing lavender are perfect for creating a calming bedroom atmosphere for promoting sleep.

Give the Gift of a Stress-Free Day

...Because who wouldn't want that? Good news -- if the nighttime routine is already covered, here are a few things that help cultivate a productive, yet stressless day.

Kick Off Your Day with a Morning Matcha

I started drinking matcha as my daily kick-starter earlier this year and it transformed my day. I no longer endure the anxiety-amplifying effects of coffee or its midday crash, yet I still get the much needed wake-up. I feel more calm and have stable energy throughout the day ever since making the switch and could not recommend it enough! Jade Leaf Matcha is my go-to.

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Destress, Relax, and Revamp with More Essential Oils

All the essentials in one convenient little pouch. In addition to every day use, I love bringing this in my carryon for the perfect little pick-me-up when I travel.

Stay Organized and Check Off To-Dos with a Daily + Monthly Planner

A hectic schedule without any organization is bound to leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Stay on top of your to-do’s with a practical (and pretty!) planner. Did you know physically writing things down helps you remember them better, too? No more errands, appointments, or project tasks slipping through the cracks.

Give the Gift of Learning

One of the greatest gifts of life is personal growth through education and learning new skills. share that gift with someone you love!

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Dive into a New Culture of Wellness with Kintsugi Wellness

I am half Japanese, so I admit, I am a bit biased to this one. However, I truly believe so much can be discovered through exploring new cultures and their values. In Kintsugi Wellness, Candice Kumai (aka "the golden girl of wellness") guides you through the Japanese art of nourishing the mind, body, and spirit with personable stories anyone can relate to in one way or another. Another great wellness-centric culture we can all aspire for is the Hygge culture of Denmark — one that encompasses coziness, happiness, and wellbeing through the simplicities of life. Here’s a book on that.

Have an Endless Supply of Books in the Palm of Your Hand with Amazon Kindle

I have always been into reading physical books, but as I’ve started traveling more frequently, I wanted something that was more travel-friendly than lugging around multiple books. So, naturally, I purchased a Kindle…and I love it. I can have all of the self-help and romance novels I want in a device that fits right in my purse (and as a bonus, there’s no blue light like you might find coming from your phone or tablet).

Cultivate Mindfulness with Mindfulness Cards

Learn the beauty of bringing awareness to your everyday life. Cards like these give you prompts to practice mindfulness in the areas of rest and balance, curiosity and joy, insight and awareness, and kindness. It's a great gift by itself or perfect stocking stuffer. Appreciate the little moments of joy each day!

I hope you enjoyed this wellness gift guide and found something fun to treat a friend!

xx, brynne

Disclaimer: This website is intended as an informational resource from the perspective of an occupational therapist and should not take the place of professional medical advice.

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