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What We Can Learn From This Italian Phrase

Sometimes life is about the hustle, but we also have to make room to pause and just enjoy what is.⁣

In Italian there is a phrase, dolce far niente, meaning the sweetness of doing nothing. It's about finding pleasure and enjoyment out of unproductive moments. There is no other purpose than to simply be in "carefree idleness."

Sounds so easy, right?

Then Why Is It So HARD?

We all just want a break from the craziness that is every day life. Yet, somehow, when we get that break, it seems almost impossible to enjoy. Our heads start spinning with all the things we could/should/would be doing instead, and the peaceful moment of relaxation quickly transforms to quite the opposite.

Far too often, we get caught up in the hustle: work, relationships, passion projects, you name it. We are always plugged in, always on, and society as a whole places value on always being busy.

And then eventually, we burn out.

I get it — As a Type A personality, I have always been guilty of that need to be productive.⁣ I need projects to complete, books to read, challenges to take on...But I can only be productive for so long. While we may crave productivity, we also need time to rest and recover.

We need this time to recharge, so we can operate at full capacity. And sometimes, this looks like shutting off completely by doing nothing.

I invite you to join me in practicing slowing down and spending time to do nothing, because once you learn to find the moments of peace without doing, it is So. Sweet. ⁣

So sit down with just you, a cup of coffee or tea, phone + tech put away, and tell me how you feel!💫⁣