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When Feeling Unmotivated, Turn to These 5 Strategies

We all go through phases where we lack the motivation to get things done -- even when they are important to us. Whether you’re in a short-term funk or experiencing chronic burnout, these seasons of life are inevitable. When it feels impossible to be productive, there are a number of things you can do to refresh and reframe your mindset to refuel the motivation that has been lost.⁣

Know Your Why

Ask yourself: why did you set out to do what you’re trying to accomplish in the first place?⁣ Continuing to revisit your 'why' will guide you in the right direction, over and over again.

Seek Support + Inspiration from Others

Whether it’s a friend who inspires you, a mentor who can guide you, or role model you look up to, turn to those around you who can reignite your passion and motivation. Knowing there are others around you who support you, or others who have accomplished great things despite the odds, can do just the trick to get you going again.

Get Creative + Change Up Your Routine

If you’ve been working from home in your pajamas, it's time to change it up. Start your day by dressing the part to put you in a productive mindset. Sr switch up your routine where possible to keep things new and fresh. Or engage in artistic activity to get the creative juices flowing and add a little fun to what might be an otherwise mundane everyday routine. ⁣

Imagine the Feeling of Accomplishing Your Goal

What emotions will you experience and how will you feel fulfilled once you have successfully reached what you have set out to do? Imagine the joy, the gratitude, and the sense of achievement you will experience each step of the way towards your end goal. ⁣

Practice Patience

All good things take time and usually don’t ever come easy. Practice patience. Take it one step at a time while keeping your focus on the process.

How do you reignite your motivation?